Wine making videos - how to make your own wine

If you are new to home wine making then you will find these videos are absolutely invaluable. Explaining every step from opening the box to tasting your first glass of home made wine, these really are excellent quality videos. Watch all four before you begin your first batch - you won't regret it.

In this video we see our expert Craig start with a Riesling kit from California Connoisseur. You can buy the exact same kit from Home Brew Online by clicking here, although the instructions are the same for all of the California Connoisseur wine kits. You can see the California Connoisseur wine kit range here.

Here Craig explains what is in the kit and what it all does. He also shows you everything you need to make wine and a few things you maybe don't need but which will make life a little easier. Enjoy.

Wine Making Video Part 1

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