Top 10 Wine Making Christmas Gift Ideas

Beaverdale Cabernet SauvignonBuying Christmas presents for someone who either loves wine making or is thinking of starting wine making can be a tricky one, especially of it is something you know little about. So we are here to help. If you are the wine maker, just send them a link to this page in their email inbox - a little subtle hint!

Whether the lucky recipient is an experienced wine maker or a complete beginner, we have ideas for all budgets from complete starter kits down to stocking fillers.

1. Winemaking starter kit.

wine making starter kitSo let's begin with the newcomer to the hobby. This is probably the easiest person to buy for as they probably have no wine making equipment at all and would love a complete starter kit. I have written about these in more detail in the page on Winemaking Starter Kits. The first thing to decide is whether to buy a 6 bottle kit or a 30 bottle kit. This will come down to two things. Knowing the person you are buying for - how long will 6 bottles of wine last them - and of course money. The 6 bottle kits are about £20 and the 30 bottle kits about £45. This buys you all of the basic equipment needed to make your wine (Ingredients bought separately). You can then either choose a wine for them or let them buy that later on. Home Brew Online have loads more information on buying these excellent winemaking starter kits.

2. Winebuddy starter kit.

WineBuddyIf you are looking for a slightly cheaper option for a newcomer to winemaking, you could try the WineBuddy starter kit. These 6 bottle wine kits contain everything to make 6 bottles of either Cabernet Sauvignon (red) wine or Chardonnay (white) wine in just over 7 days, and include all of the ingredients except a bag of sugar. You will also need to find 6 empty wine bottles although the stoppers are included. The kits come in attractive packaging so make a great Christmas present. These will cost you about £20 and so the first 6 bottles work out at just over £3 each, however the equipment can be re-used many times over, the refill kits are only about £10 and so future bottles will cost considerably less. Refills are available in either Cabernet Sauvignon (red), Merlot (red), Chardonnay (white) or Sauvignon Blanc (white). Again you can buy these 6 bottle refill kits at Home Brew Online. What about buying a red wine starter kit and a white wine refill? A great present for around £30.

3. Wine Ingredients Refill Kit

KenRidge Classic Wine KitIf you are looking to buy a winemaking gift for someone who already has the basic equipment, then we have some ideas for you as well. How about buying them a wine kit for their next batch of wine? For this you really need to know whether they make their wine in 6 or 30 bottle amounts as they will need to have the correct equipment. If you are not sure, can't ask, but have seen them making wine, then you can work it out. If they make it in demijohns which look like they hold about 5 litres or 1 gallon (pictured below), then its a 6 bottle kit. If they make it in large fermentation vessels or buckets which look like they hold about 25 litres or 5 gallons, then its a 30 bottle kit. There are a lot of wines to suit every budget ranging from about £10 - £50. See the range of wine kits here.

4. Wine Fermentation Vessels or Demijohns

DemijohnsOnce a hobbyist has been making wine for a while, they tend to make wines which take a while to ferment; some of them up to a year. Obviously you don't want to stop making other wines while your storage vessels are in use and so you can never have enough storage. Glass or PET (plastic) demijohns are usually 1 gallon and so suitable for 6 bottles of wine. They are not that expensive, around £8 each for glass or £3 for PET, but that can soon add up if you need quite a few. This makes them a great gift, and you can buy just 1 or a few. They come well packaged as well. See these Glass Demijohns at Home Brew Online.

5. Homebrew bottle tree.

bottle treeIf you are buying for a wine making fan who likes gadgets and appreciates the easy life, then this could be the answer. Like many hobbies, there are bits we enjoy doing and bits we don't. I think with wine making, the bit I enjoy the least is bottling. Now this clever gadget may look a bit wierd, but it is actually a bottle drainer. Normally when you have washed, sterilised and rinsed all of your bottles, you have to hold them upside down to drain which can take a while. This handy device holds all of your bottles upside down for you while they drain so that you can simply take one as needed, fill it and then cork it. Job done. It really is so much easier. Available from Home Brew Online in either a 45 bottle of 80 bottle version for under £20. Bottle Tree

6. Homebrew bottle rinser.

bottle rinserWell, that makes life easier but we can do even better yet. What about all the rinsing and sterilising? If we could make that easier as well, wouldn't that help? Washing bottles out, soaking them in steriliser, draining them. What a pain. Well now we can sort that as well. Simply clip one of these handy bottle rinsing gadgets on to the top of the tree, fill it with steriliser and off you go. Just by pushing the inverted bottle onto the spout on the top of the rinser it shoots steriliser up into the bottle covering all of the inner surfaces. Repeat a couple of times, then put the bottle onto the drainer. Now bottling your wine is getting so much easier. These handy rinsers only cost around £15 and make a great gift. Bottle Rinser

7. Heaters.

brewbeltFermenting wine during the winter can sometimes give us a few problems. Wine prefers a constant temperature to ferment well. You may think that central heating cures that problem, however very few of us leave the heating on at a constant temperature day and night. Airing cupboards are no good either, they are just too hot and that can kill off the yeast. The best solution really is a fermentation heater. There are three main types available; heated trays (£20 - £30), an immersion heater (around £20) or a brewbelt which wraps around the fermentation vessels (around £17). I prefer a brew belt myself. To buy a brewbelt or any other wine making heaters see this page on homebrew heaters.

8. Syphons.

SyphonsLooking for a budget gift idea? I was given one of these once and I can't imagine being without it now. Have you ever tried syphoning through a tube and starting it off by sucking on one end. OK if it's something tasty but if it comes through too far when you are emptying a pond, then it is not fun at all.

That can also go for partly fermemnted wine. It doesn't taste good at all. The answer is an Auto Syphon. This handy gadget is a cleaner, safer and much easier alternative to the normal syphon tube.

Simple to use, the Auto Syphon effortlessly transfers wine from one demijohn or fermenting vessel to another. Simply pump the inner tube to start the transfer.

The large syphon is suitable for most larger fermenting vessels, demijohns or carboys. It will easily fit all sizes of fermenting vessels up to large 23 litre containers. There is also a smaller version available for 1 gallon Demijohns and smaller Fermenting Vessels.

The Auto Syphon will cost around £12 for the large model.

9. Books.

Can you imagine Christmas without receiving at least one book. Well, may as well be a winemaking book then. There are plenty around so we picked out two we particularly liked.

First Steps In Winemaking The first book, First Steps In Winemaking pictured left, is obviously an ideal gift for the novice winemaker. It has sold more than three million copies to date launching all those beginners happily into this fascinating hobby. It is widely acclaimed as the accepted introduction to the craft.

Covering making wines from fruit, flowers, vegetables, foliage and kits, as well as many subjects for the more advanced winemaker, and even talking about showing and judging wine, this 238 page paperback book will have you mastering the craft in no time. Order A Copy

130 New Winemaking RecipesSecondly, 130 New Winemaking Recipes covers wine making from fruit, flowers, vegetables and foliage. Again a huge seller having sold over half a million copies this practical little book, supplements the First Steps in Winemaking shown above. Together the two books form a comprehensive collection of recipes. Order A Copy

Both books retail for around £7 and the pair would make an ideal gift. You can order them here.

10. Wine Glasses.

What use is wine with no glass from which to drink it? A nice wine glass will improve your home made wine immeasurably. However, for a Christmas gift, I thought I would look for something a little unusual. What I found are some really excellent glasses for the girls. So I then had to look for something different for the guys as well.

Lolita wine glassSo firstly, for the ladies, try these Hand Painted Lolita Wine Glasses. There are loads from which to choose and so clicking on these pictures and links will take you to the one shown here and from there you can wander off and look at the others in the range. This design carries the wording "It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere" These beautiful glasses come distinctively packaged in beautiful cylindrical presentation boxes and retail at around the £16 mark. A fabulous present for the lady in your life. Other designs include "Leopard Design", "Red Hot Design with Hearts and Diamante", "Who Needs A Man", "Kind Of On A Diet", "New Mummy", "Mummy's Time Out", "Talkaholic" and loads more. See the wine glass pictured at - Lolita Wine Glass Gift - 5 O'Clock Somewhere.

lead crystal wine glassNow something for the gentlemen.Thank you for your patience. Nothing quite so quirky here but nevertheless a pair of beautiful hand cut 24% lead crystal wine goblets at what I think is a very reasonable price when you consider the amount of work that goes into making them. Again they come in a very nice presentation case which is silk lined (makes them easier to wrap as well!). I personally would be very happy to receive these as a Christmas gift. At just under £25 why not buy him a pair of these excellent Crystal of Distinction Hand Cut 24% Lead Crystal Wine Goblets x 2 in Presentation Box then suggest he makes your favourite wine to share.