Apple Wine Recipe

There are still a lot of apples on trees around my neck of the woods. Many have fallen now though and are lying rotting on the ground. It’s such a terrible waste. If you have a supply of good apples, here’s a great Apple Wine Recipe for you.

Apple Wine

· 3kg Apples

· 1kg Sugar

· 250 ml grape concentrate

· 1 tsp. pectolase

· 1 Campden tablet

· Potassium sorbate

· Tannin

· Nutrient

· 1 tsp. acid blend or citric acid

· Yeast

1. Firstly pulp the apples into small pieces. You can crush, chop, grate or find some other way to do this. Then place them all into a clean sterilised fermenting bin or food grade bucket.

2. Pour 4 pints of boiling water over the fruit and add the sugar.

3. No allow it all to cool to room temperature and then add the rest of ingredients along with 2 pints of cold water.

4. Put into a clean demi john with an airlock topped up to the shoulders, (add a little more cold water if needed) and leave to ferment out.

5. It should start bubbling within 24 hours. If it doesn’t, add some more yeast as you may have killed the first batch by not allowing the fruit to cool off before adding.

6. After about 3 days strain off the solids, using a coarse straining bag.

7. Place the wine into a clean demi john with an airlock and leave to ferment out. This may take a few days, maybe even a couple of weeks depending on the temperature. Try to keep an even temperature. Use a Brewbelt if needed.

8. Once the bubbles have stopped coming through the airlock, or at least slow down to about once every couple of minutes, you should test your wine. You can either use a hydrometer or simply taste it. If it’s too sweet leave it longer. Otherwise syphon off into a clean demi john.

9. Now add 1 Campden tablet and potassium sorbate and leave it to clear.

10. Once clear, syphon again into another clean demi john for storage or bottle your wine.

11. If it’s too dry, you can always sweeten your wine a little with sugar but be careful that it doesn’t start fermenting again.

Enjoy your Apple Wine.

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