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Wine Making Starter Kits


If you are looking for a complete starter equipment kit, then the Beaverdale Starter Kit from Good Life Homebrew  is a great place to begin. It comes complete with everything you need to make your first 30 bottles of wine.

They have enhanced their Beaverdale Starter Kits to include some extra equipment to make your first home wine making job easier and as it only includes the equipment, you are free to choose whatever wine you wish. There are also several options for bottling your wine if you don’t already have a stock of bottles or a demijohn. Simply select your favourite wine from over twenty different wines available.
The starter kit¬† includes the following equipment: –

25 litre Plastic Fermenter
Sterilising powder
Syphon tube with tap and sediment trap
Test Jar

Beaverdale “Equipment only” Starter Kit – 30 Bottles